How Signorelli’s Deli Uses growyze to Systemise Inventory and Increase Profit Keeping Track of 1500+ Products

Signorelli's Deli

Signorelli’s Deli is an independent Italian bakery, delicatessen and wine bar based in Cambridge, UK. The business is authentic Italian; think homemade focaccia bread, artisan pizzas, tiramisu, gelato and real Italian coffee!  So it’s no wonder that Signorelli’s is a regular finalist in renowned competitions such as the World Bread Awards, the Food Awards England and Italian Society Awards.

As well as a bakery and café, Signorelli’s also runs a Mediterranean supermarket called Il Mercato, offering products sourced from suppliers across the Mediterranean. 

Prior to implementing growyze for stock and purchasing, the deli didn’t even have manual processes in place for inventory. In fact… they didn’t use anything to count, view or monitor stock. 

This was set to change when Daniel Fry was brought in as Operations Manager, to systemise all operations across the business. From inventory management to staff scheduling, to accountancy, it’s been Daniel’s job over the past 18 months to create procedures, supported by systems, to help the business run smoothly, and at profit. Here, we find out more about how Daniel found growyze and how it’s been supporting this goal.

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Before growyze we used many different phone, email and online systems to make supplier orders. Now we use growyze for 100% of our orders, the team does it all in one place, and they can do it from their phone.

Senior Finance Manager
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growyze makes the entire process of ordering and accounting automation easy and lets us see how much products actually cost us. From the first call, I knew the team were very genuine and that it was a platform I could trust!

Operations Manager
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I really enjoy using growyze and I think it's really really intuitive. Stocktake saved us a lot of time, saved hours of labour and is less daunting...And ordering is even much easier than on Amazon.

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Challenges overcome by using growyze

  • Inventory ordering is systemised, with clear visibility on how much a product costs vs what it’s sold at
  • Chefs and Store Managers are able to order products easily, in a systematic way
  • Accounting is no longer manual - invoices are logged, checked and sent to Xero in just a few clicks
  • Missed products are no longer missed, and there’s a process for ensuring credits are received
  • Business-wide improved inventory management

“I was brought into Signorelli’s Deli to systemise operations in the business. Prior to this there was a POS system and a system for staff scheduling (which I later replaced), but nothing for stock control. We were making orders for products by email but that’s it”, explains Daniel, Signorelli’s Deli’s Operations Manager. “My job is to not only ensure top line sales improve year on year but that we’re profitable, and that involves making sure everything runs well operationally.”

The business has a lot of products - over 1500, so an inventory management system to help keep control of stock would be essential. 

“I was looking for a system that would integrate with our POS which is Square, and I found a couple of options including growyze. I was researching the systems and growyze stood out. The product looked good, it was easy to place orders and after having a conversation with Kati (Co-Founder, at growyze) I thought it seemed very genuine, and that this was a team and platform I could trust.”

“At the moment we mainly use growyze for ordering and accounting automation. When I first took over at Signorelli’s I was spending a lot of time trying to find the invoices and put them onto Xero. Our accountants would then be querying things and I’d have to try and find out what was going on. 

growyze has made this entire process so much easier. So now we place the orders through growyze, our suppliers accept them and when the invoices come through it matches them to the orders and we can send them straight to Xero using the Xero integration. 

It also means we can keep on top of any credits owed. Before, I would email the suppliers but despite receiving confirmations, would rarely receive the credits owed. With growyze I can notify suppliers, which essentially flags the orders, so later on I can easily check to see if we were credited, and if not I can chase them up.” 

As well as simplifying the process of ordering and accounting, growyze is also helping Daniel to better monitor profitability of what the deli and shop are selling.

“growyze lets me see how much the products actually cost us. Prices have rarely changed over the last few years in store, but once I started tracking the invoices through growyze and started running the price change reports, I identified we were paying more than we were charging for some products or making very little profit. With growyze you have the ability to see price increases automatically which makes it a lot easier to track and identify the cost of each individual product.

Now I’m comfortable with the platform, I've started introducing members of the team to it and even though they’ve never used any systems like this before, they are finding it easy to complete orders, mark deliveries, record waste etc. We’ve also started using the recipes and menus features to calculate the cost of different recipes.”

Daniel is still in the process of rolling out the stocktake features, but knows this will be easy when the time comes.

“I’m still in the process of setting everything up so that when the team starts doing stocktakes, it’s easy for them and the transition is smooth.  Where I've worked in the past, data is usually input manually but with barcode scanning on growyze, hours and hours of stocktaking is a thing of the past. It  just makes the whole process a lot easier.”

Daniel also found that any recommendations he had for improvements to the system were listened to, and in many cases implemented, by the growyze team.

“What I've found with growyze is that they’ve been good with any recommendations that I've had about features or elements of the platform that would work better, or new integrations we may need. They’ve always been onboard to say yes okay, we’ll change it.”

“If anyone else in a similar situation was asking me if they should implement growyze I’d be saying hell yes. The platform itself is very good, it’s easy to pick up, easy to create new suppliers, new dishes and so on. But most of all, the fact that Kati and the team are just very open to making the product better and always taking onboard the feedback that they get is great.”

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