A modern way to manage stock control and increase the profitability of your food business

Forget complex spreadsheets and processes that never get completed. growyze streamlines how your food business operates, from one simple and intuitive app.

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Inventory management software for the food industry
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Store all
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Simple mobile barcode scanning for faster stock management

Count all stock items by scanning the barcode using any smartphone. With clear visibility over what items you have in stock, and what’s missing.

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Know what’s profitable, and what isn’t

growyze’s recipe management feature lets you see how profitable your menu items are, based on the ingredients that go into them.

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Profit has
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Keep everything in one place

Automated three-way validation matches orders, deliveries and invoices. Helping you to reduce losses and operate in a more sustainable way.

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I really enjoy using growyze and I think it's really really intuitive. Stocktake saved us a lot of time, saved hours of labour and is less daunting...And ordering is even much easier than on Amazon.

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Whistle Punks London
Whistle Punks London
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The best stock control system for the Food Industry

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Integrates easily with Square POS, Clover & GoEpos

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See automated business insights and reports

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Instant alerts when a supplier price changes

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Order new food items from anywhere

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Simplify your back of house operations

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Quickly identify and act on stock discrepancies

How growyze works

Our mobile-friendly app is the only platform you need to manage stock, waste, orders and accounting.

Integrates with
Works with
any POS
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Add suppliers and products

growyze’s free setup package means we’ll help you upload all of your food items and supplier details, ready for your first stock take.

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Complete a 100% paperless stock take

Scan stock and log waste using any mobile phone. Collaborate with your team and enable multiple staff members to work on counting stock items at the same time.

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Order efficiently

Create more efficient processes to validate orders, deliveries and invoices so you only order, and receive, what’s needed. Minimise food waste and reduce fraud in your business.

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Improve how your food business operates today

30 days free trial. Free set up. No credit card required.

Food Industry business already using growyze

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