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We're still in Beta

but that doesn't mean you can't take advantage of our service

We're looking for people to test our app and provide feedback. Help us build something that works for YOU.

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What's in it for you?

Save time & money

◻️ Increase your margins, improve cash flow and boost profitability.
◻️ Remove the need for paperwork and spreadsheets for good.
◻️ Simplify your operations and stop wasting unnecessary time and effort.

Streamline your operations

◻️ Let Growyze handle the repetitive tasks and chase up missing orders.
◻️ Digitalise task assignments and communicate with staff via chat.
◻️ Automate stock management and conduct full audits on your phone.

Keep track of stock & make smarter, data-driven decisions

◻️ Leverage AI technology for better control of your business.
◻️ Reach new heights thanks to real-time insights and actions.
◻️ Regular performance and stock updates keep things running smoothly.

Reduce waste

◻️ Throw that clipboard away and move stocktakes to the cloud!
◻️ Reduce your dependence on paper and create a paperless environment.
◻️ Keep a closer eye on inventory levels to cut food and drink waste.

Keep your papers in check

◻️ Growyze logs every single order, delivery and invoice you receive.
◻️ Our 3-way validation system then captures and rectifies any discrepancies.
◻️ Bring hidden losses to light and protect your bottom line!

Get instant alerts & notifications

◻️ Growyze will become your secret weapon for back-of-house operations.
◻️ Never miss another administrative error or fraudulent activity.
◻️ Carry another manager with you in your pocket!