growyze founders sitting in a bar discussing stock management app

We’re locating losses, so you can solve them

Not being profitable is the challenge facing food and drink businesses today. With the right software and processes in place, we believe loss prevention is made easy. Enabling every F&B venue to become a success story.

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Our mission

We want to bring the right technology to the hospitality industry so that food and beverage businesses can solve complex, yet annoyingly common, problems within their day-to-day operations. growyze is a single hub for processes, inputs and business insights across stock control, accounting and gross profit, that enables you to make better daily decisions. All without a spreadsheet in sight!

growyze founders stood in a restaurant kitchen

Leading Tech in Hospitality

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Making Complex Operations, Simple

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Single Hub for Operational Processes

meeting of the growyze team in a restarant discussing stock management

Tech made simple

growyze’s team is a talented bunch of software specialists, business strategists and F&B enthusiasts, with a love of technology and the hospitality industry. We believe that the technology you use should make your life easier, not harder, and everything about growyze is built with this in mind.

Sustainable see, sustainable do

We’re united in our effort to build a product that solves problems in F&B industries that lead to decreasing sustainability and tons of busy work. To enable the industry to work more efficiently, reduce waste and grow in a sustainable way (the same way we aspire to!).

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Home-grown, from London

Our team works remotely and we’ll soon have hubs in our key locations. London one of them. Different backgrounds and perspectives means we already have a dynamic work environment where we each take responsibility for our respective areas, while working together towards our next milestone.

Ending hospitality’s dependency on spreadsheets

No one wants to be dependent on crazy spreadsheets to make their business run smoothly. Least of all busy venue operators, bar managers and restaurant owners. Going against the grain of most tech companies, we’re passionate about providing individual customer support to help our patrons step away from the spreadsheets, and into using growyze. For a happier hospitality industry!

young male and female workers in hopsitality wearing uniform of white tshirt and grey dungarees looking on a tablet at a stock management mobile app

Meet the people behind growyze

Co-Founder | CEO
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Co-Founder | CTO
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Co-Founder | BD
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There’s room for more…

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We’re growing fast and always on the lookout for fresh faces, who are passionate about helping a us grow our big ambitions. Get in touch to tell us a bit about yourself and where you’d fit in the growyze team.

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