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In the summer of 2019 our Founder was out at sea, taking in the beautiful surroundings while contemplating past experiences. With over 20 years’ experience in F&B and loss prevention, she wondered how to make hospitality management less ‘hassle’, more ‘holiday’.

Then it hit her.

An idea was born that would help hospitality and retail businesses work smarter, greener and more efficiently, with the help of modern technology. Growyze became a concrete business idea, there and then.

great teamgreat teamGreat team


Fast forward a year, Growyze now boasts a team of incredible minds. Software specialists, strategists and F&B enthusiasts have all come together with the common goal of revolutionising the retail and hospitality sectors. Although headquartered in London, UK, our team lives and works internationally, and we refuse to be limited by our geography.

Broadly experienced

As a team, we speak more languages than we have members of staff, and we passionately strive for diversity and equality. Our different backgrounds have granted us a unique array of experience and interest. Some have lived through communism (proudly naming their dog ‘Democracy’ in 1989); some played in the national women’s football team, and some challenge themselves to plunge into 400kg ice baths!

One shared goal

We are united in our efforts to build a comprehensive, versatile, and user-friendly product that solves complex (and annoyingly common) problems. We share a passion for advanced technology, and aspire to be as honest, transparent and unique as the products we design.

Who we are

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