Manage your suppliers

Set up and manage your suppliers within minutes. Have access to all your suppliers’ information in one place, from anywhere
and at any time.

Place orders fast and easy

No more phone calls and misunderstood orders. Manage your spend in a timely fashion. Know your order value before you place it and with just one click notify your suppliers of what you need.

Complete stocktakes efficiently

Count your stock in a smarter way. Say NO to pen & paper, excel spreadsheets or additional hardware. Simply take a picture of the item, enter the quantity in stock and voila.

Keep all papers in order

No more paper filing. Manage all of your orders, deliveries and invoices digitally.
Our 3-way validation ensures discrepancies are captured and rectified immediately.

Reduce your waste on the go

Use our app to capture waste quicker and easier than before, on the go. What can increased visibility over waste levels do?  
Save the planet. And your business!

Keep an eye on your margins

Import your sales data to unlock new business insights that will help you grow, identify and eliminate fraud, better protect your bottom line and respond to business challenges faster.

Why Growyze?

Save time & money for sustainable growth

Improve efficiency & streamline internal operations

Gain valuable insights for improved decision making

Get instant alerts for improved operations

Communicate remotely for quick actions

What lies ahead of us

Our cloud-based AI technology grants us limitless potential, and our advanced technology means our systems evolve into a better product every single day.
Watch this space for some exciting additional features!