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Operate faster, easier and with less loss

growyze is the single app you need to manage every back of house process for you and your team. From stock control, to ordering, invoice reconciliation, recipe management and reporting.

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Features to help you simplify your BOH operations

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Stock take that feels simple

Forget spreadsheet dependency and manual inventory processes. growyze lets you scan product barcodes using your phone and move from open to close easily.

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Decrease waste, improve sustainability

Log waste in a few clicks and see which recipes aren’t making you money. For better loss prevention and increased profitability.

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Manage suppliers, all in one place

Store supplier details, make one-click orders and get notified when a supplier price changes or when you need to meet an order deadline.

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Get true visibility into where you’re losing money

growyze’s automated business insights let you see your true cost of sales, margin gap and where (and why!) you’re missing items.

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Make it easy for your team to complete checks

True multi-user access at no additional fee means your team can easily complete processes like stocktake and delivery reconciliation.

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Work remotely

Manage your venue from wherever you are. Back-of-house, on the go or from home. Using any smartphone or device.

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Improve and add processes without even thinking about it

growyze makes it easy for you to create processes across venues that take less time to complete and cut admin work for you and your team.

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Turn fragmented tools and processes into one simple system

Built with modern technology like three-way validation and OCR scanning, designed to automate mundane, time-consuming day-to-day tasks within your food and beverage business.

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Easily see where you can improve profitability, and reduce loss

Get automated reports on COGS and gross profit analysis to monitor performance from anywhere and make decisions based on accurate, real time data.

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increase profit in hospitalitygrowyze stock inventory management app on a silver macbook
increased profit calloiutrecipe management inventory management software restaurant silver samasung phone
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Matching up what you stock, sell and order? Easy.

Integrates with
Works with
any POS

growyze integrates easily with Square & Clover POS to add in sales data, lets you auto-scan invoices and delivery notes, and upload existing data that lives in a spreadsheet, CSV or any other system. For easier reconciliation of the data points that give you true business insight.

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I really enjoy using growyze and I think it's really really intuitive. Stocktake saved us a lot of time, saved hours of labour and is less daunting...And ordering is even much easier than on Amazon.

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Whistle Punks London
Whistle Punks London
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Frequently Asked Questions

Integrates with
Works with
any POS
Do I have to put everything in from scratch?

growyze has OCR scanning built-in and the ability to upload your existing documents such as Excel spreadsheets, CSVs and POS data to help make setup easier. We also offer free support with an onsite and offsite service.

What’s the cost?

growyze has a single monthly amount per venue with no hidden fees for inviting new users to your team. Get a free 30-day trial with no credit card required. See all pricing options here.

Is it time-consuming to use?

No! growyze is designed to be simple and intuitive, to make completing stock takes and other processes simple. Cutting out hours of admin and manual processes.

Can I get support?

Absolutely! The growyze team are on-hand to help you set up, and throughout your use of growyze, with email, phone and in-person training available. We’re growing fast and love helping customers and hearing their feedback.

Can I use it on my phone?

Yes, growyze can be accessed on iOS, Android or desktop on any browser, from anywhere. Just visit - no need to download anything.

How much money will I save?

Our customers report saving up to 60% of the time needed to complete a stocktake when they use growyze, saving 10hrs (and more) a week in admin and reducing the gap between theoretical and actual profit by knowing where they’re missing or losing products. Basically, a huge saving in time, money and stock!

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