How to Upload Sales Information to growyze


To run a stock discrepancy, COGS or GP Analysis report, your sales information needs to be added inside growyze. This is so you can see an accurate analysis of your sales and stock, for the period between the two stock takes you are interested in. Without sales information it can be difficult to determine how much profit you’ve made, or what your cost of sales were. 

Our integration with Square POS allows you to automate sales data into growyze but if you’re using another POS, or want to enter your sales information manually, here’s how it works.

1. Export and organise your sales data

First you’ll need to export the relevant file from your POS. This can be in xls, xlsx or csv format. However, the file will need to contain at least these four columns:

  • Product Name
  • POS ID (SKU)
  • Sales Value (this should be the net amount)
  • Quantity Sold

If your file doesn’t have those columns you will need to add them, or edit the names of the existing columns to these exact names. You can then save your file as a csv, xls or xlsx file.

2. Upload your sales data to growyze

Log in to growyze and select ‘Sales’ from the left-hand menu. Then select ‘Import file’.

use growzye software to upload sales info

Here you can choose your file from wherever it’s saved. 

easily chose and add files to growyze

Now you’ll need to select the period for which you’re importing the file. This is usually the period between two stocktakes, for example between two weekly stocktakes or two monthly stocktakes. 

3. Assign headers

You’ll now need to match headers to the imported file using the four headers we mentioned above:

  • Product Name
  • POS ID
  • Sales Value (this should be the net amount)
  • Quantity Sold

All of these columns should have values in them as you won’t be able to import the file if you’ve assigned headers to empty columns.

Once uploaded, you’ll need to match the headers to each column. 

organise sales information with growyze software

You can delete any redundant columns using the delete icon on the right-hand side, or leave them. This won’t affect the import.

Next, delete the first row containing the headers so that this line isn’t imported.

Once you’re happy with your columns you can select ‘Import Sales’. Once imported, you’ll be able to view your sales information in your growyze account and use this as part of your reporting. 

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