How to Process and Validate Invoices


Inside growyze you have three-way validation to help you reconcile what you order, what gets delivered and what you pay for. This helps you to spot discrepancies which could affect your final figures, or create stock take issues. In this guide, we’ll show you how to process and validate invoices. 

Top Tip: To process and validate an invoice you need to have entered the order and the delivery details that match the invoice. 

1. Add a new invoice

Choose ‘Purchases’ and ‘Invoices’ from the left-hand menu. Then choose ‘New invoice’.

use growyze software for invoices

Next, select ‘Add manually’. 

use growyze software for invoices

Choose the supplier and select ‘Confirm’.

use growyze software for invoices

2. Match the invoice to the correct delivery note

Now you’ll see a list of all delivery notes you have entered for this supplier. 

There are two types of delivery notes:

  • ‘Already invoiced’ - these are delivery notes which have been reconciled
  • ‘Select’ - this will provide you with a list of delivery notes that haven’t yet been attached to an invoice

Find the correct delivery note from the list and choose ‘Select’.

match invoices to delivery notes

3. Process the invoice

Once you have matched the correct delivery note, click on the edit button to enter the invoice number and date. This is important as it will ensure the invoice has been assigned correctly and that you have all of the details stored.

use growyze software to process invoices

Here you can enter the invoice number and the invoice date.

record invoice number and date

Now you can scroll to the end of the invoice, and check if the Expected Total matches the Invoice Total as provided on the actual invoice. You should compare the Net total.

check expected total against invoice total

This allows you to spot any discrepancies between the amount of items received, and the amount you have been invoiced for. 

If the amounts are correct and match you can select ‘Approve invoice’.

4. Finding and fixing invoice discrepancies

If any totals don’t match you can review the line items to find where the variance is coming from. 

There are usually two reasons for discrepancies:

a. Quantity variance

This is where the invoiced quantity (in the invoice) is different to the received quantity (in growyze). 

use growyze software to fix invoice discrepancies

If you have a quantity variance (for example you have only received three bottles of gin but have been invoiced for four) you can amend this by clicking the pencil icon next to the amount under quantity. 

Enter the actual invoice quantity and price and then click ‘Confirm Quantity & Price’.

use growyze software for invoices

b. Price difference

This is where the invoiced price (in the invoice) is different to the received price (in growyze). If you wish to accept the price change you can click the circle next to the price increase.

use growyze software to see price changes in invoices

Ticking this will also amend the price in your main list of products. So that next time you place an order, this will be with the updated cost price.

You’ll notice how now, the total invoice has been adjusted to take into account the new quantity and price.

5. Approving or rejecting the invoice

Once you have reconciled the invoice you can choose to approve or reject the invoice, and to notify the supplier of any discrepancies.

a. Approve the invoice

If you are happy with everything in the invoice you can click ‘Approve’ to approve the invoice.

use growyze software to accept and reject invoices

b. Query the invoice

Where discrepancies have been identified, whether because of price variances, or incorrectly invoiced quantities, you’re able to Query the invoice.

Simply click on ‘Notify supplier’ and this will send an automated email to the supplier highlighting all the variances identified in the process of validating the invoice.

You’ll receive a copy of the email for your records.

use growyze software to query invoices

c. Reject the invoice

If you are still unhappy with the invoice you can choose to reject the invoice by selecting ‘Reject invoice’.

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