How to Mark Items as Same Items


When you have the same products supplied by a number of vendors you can ‘group’ these (mark as the same item) to ensure they are counted as ‘one’ in the stocktaking and reporting.


This can be done in 2 ways:

  1. Automatically - when you add the same barcode to the different products growyze will do the grouping automatically
  1. Manually - group the items yourself

1. Automatically

growyze will do the grouping when you add the same barcode to different products in the system.

1. Manually

To 'group' items manually - mark as same item:

  • Go to Products -> Items
  • Select the items you’d like to ‘group’ and click on the ‘Apply action’ button

A screenshot of a websiteDescription automatically generated

  • Select ‘Mark as the same item’
    Note: the items must be of the same size & measure (ie 1L, 70cl etc)
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  • You’ll then be asked to choose the ‘Preferred supplier’
  • Then click on ‘Mark as same’
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This will now ensure this product is treated as the same item and it will be reported as such in your stock reports.

Note: the cost of the product in the reports will be as per the ‘Preferred supplier’

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