How to Edit a Stocktake after it’s been Finalised


Occasionally you may need to edit a stocktake or change an item’s quantity after the stocktake is finalised. Here’s how that works:

1. Open the stocktake report

Click ‘Stock’ then ‘Stocktake’ and ‘History’. 

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Here, you can choose the stocktake report you’d like to amend by clicking on the name of the stocktake.

Once the report is open you’ll see a list of all items counted during the stocktake. 

2. Change a quantity

Now you can select the item you need to change the quantity for, and click on the ‘+” and ‘-’ icons next to it.

Change the quantity number to the correct amount, and click ‘Save’.

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If you have already run a discrepancy report you can now refresh it to get the updated stock discrepancy value.

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