How to Add Recipes in growyze


Recipes are ‘things’ you’d normally produce in-house, in bulk.

For example, ‘Anchovy mayonnaise’ can be created as a recipe, which can then be added to a number of dishes (Burgers etc)

1. Go to Products -> Recipes & Dishes  -> Recipes -> Add Recipe

2. Fill in the ‘General info’ details such as Recipe name, and choose a category (Food or Beverages)

Then you can start adding all the Ingredients, the Yield and Portions, Method of preparation, any Files you have and Notes applicable

Note: You can also add ‘Other costs’ for products you may want to add without linking to an existing product so that you get a better view of the recipe margin.

For example, you many want to add things like disposable cups etc, and even labour cost.

A/ Adding Ingredients

  •  Click on the green ‘Add ingredient’ button
  • Select the relevant ingredient to be included in this recipe -> Add the Quantity of this product used in the recipe

Depending on the set up of this item, you’ll be given an option to add quantities in ‘each’, ‘%’, kg, L, ml etc.

If the added as an ingredient product has been marked with any allergens, these will appear here too.

  • Continue adding all the ingredients you use in this recipe

  • To delete ingredients click on the red ‘X’ on the right of the added ingredient
  • You can also upload a picture.

B/ Add Yield & Portions

After you add the yield and the portions, click ‘Save’
This will give you information for the cost of each portion.

C/ Continue to adding Method, any Files and Notes to make your Recipe comple

D/ Click‘Create’ (the green button at the bottom left) when you’ve finished adding all the required information

E/ Make sure you Save the Recipe each time you make an amendment

3. Deleting a Recipe

  • From the Recipes dashboard, find the Recipe you’d like to delete
  • Click ‘Delete’
  • Confirm

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