Reopening Guide: Pub Cellar Essential Countdown Checklist

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Reopening Guide: Pub Cellar Essential Countdown Checklist

Remember pints? They still exist, apparently.

Remember stealing your partner’s chips (when you said you didn’t want any) and ordering that desert (that you said you wouldn’t)?

Your customers certainly remember. On the 12th of April they’ll be ready.
Here’s what you need to do to be ready too.

3 Days to Go:

By now deliveries should be in, staff trained and covid safety process perfected. With three days to go, it’s time to:

Check stock & deliveries

Don’t get caught with bad orders that mean you start with wastage.

✔ Check best-before dates
✔ Make sure you’ve got enough time to sell slow stock
✔ And have enough of the popular stuff

Once you’re open, do stocktake by snapping an item on your phone camera and adding the quantity. You’ll need to download the Growyze app first.

Speak to suppliers about return policy

Found stock you weren’t expecting, or with short dates? Speak to your suppliers before you get properly busy and give them time to sort it out.

Check Gas

Pubs have been out of action. So have suppliers. Make sure your gas quality, quantity and pressure haven’t deteriorated.

Ventilate for at least an hour

Clear out that awful mustiness that can rise up into the front of the house. The last thing you need is punters put off by the dodgy smell that hits them the moment they walk in.

1 Day to Go:

With 48 hours to go to opening, it’s time to making sure you’ve got everything you need for pub dependence day battle above ground.

Connect the gas & (do the line cleaning)

Strictly speaking, the line cleaning should have been done already. If it skipped your attention, do it now and do it thoroughly.

Once the lines are squeaky clean:

✔ Connect up your gas and test the lines
✔ Pour a pint on each tap and check for air pockets
✔ Make sure no line cleaner is lurking in the lines

Use a white napkin and check for weird coloration, or rub the pour between your fingers. If it feels slippery and soapy, the line’s aren’t clean.

Check the bar (stock, tools, plugs, lights, ice machine & fridges)

New staff or returning staff won’t forgive you easily if you throw them in at the deep end without everything they need.

✔ The ice machine should be clean with fresh salt
✔ Stock above ground should be plentiful
✔ Everything should fire up without issue
✔ Bar tools should be clean and ready to use

If you’re doing cocktails, have the right ingredients and manage your recipes with ease. Keep all recipes available for new bar staff, and take off any cocktails you can’t make from the menu.

12th of April. Day of Opening:

You’ll have slept badly from nerves, excitement, anticipation, all three? Try not to sleep in. Get a strong coffee. You’re almost there.

Get your bar manager in early

Today is the day you win new customers and establish loyalty. Give your bar manager enough time to get ready. Ask them to WhatsApp the rest of the team a ‘welcome back message’ ahead of their shift.

Get your fridges ready (think ‘FIFO’)

Today, all your fridges will get hit hard. Make sure they’re gleaming clean and reliable. Fill them using the FIFO principle (first in, first out) so that you get off to a good start with waste management and profit-loss prevention.

Fire up the cellar

It’ll be a welcome moment when you see that golden beer creep through the line up into the bar. Make sure gas, barrels, line and taps are all in alignment.

Final pour (and temperature) checks

Finally, do that final pre-opening pour check. Don’t go crazy, pour only a half of each tap if you can help it, and make sure to record the wastage.

Digitise your waste management with the Growyze app to easily capture everything and get off to a great start.

Good luck from the Growyze team and bottoms up! Here’s to staying open!

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