How Turning to Tech Can Help Pubs & Restaurants Make Smaller Teams More Agile in 2021

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How Turning to Tech Can Help Pubs & Restaurants Make Smaller Teams More Agile in 2021

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If you’re reading this, you’re likely on the right side of the 75% increase in branch closures and 163% increase in job losses across hospitality in the UK. Our favourite pubs and restaurants still standing, and planning grand reopenings in the coming weeks and months, have great things to look forward to with Downing Street predicting a ‘happy and free Great British summer’.

Now the Test Will be Keeping High Standards with Leaner Teams that Work Agile.

Hospitality’s bounceback will be defined by pubs’ and restaurants’ ability to ‘do more with less’ by maintaining quality, while operating new, lean teams that may be rough around the edges.

Chaos happens with poor planning.

Great teams that do more with less are well-drilled with memorised routines, contingency plans for any eventuality, and multi-skilled agility. As your customers step gingerly into the hospitality spaces, they’ll want service to flow and they won’t want to be left loitering around in each other’s personal space.

Don’t Let it Be a Flop: The Right Tech Will Avoid Chaos, Catastrophes and Upset Customers.

A team reduced in numbers will thank you if you’re able to make their job easier with the right technology. Find out how much technology can save you in time and money.

Digital Table Booking

Wait time is the number-1 complaint in poor pub and restaurant reviews. Digital table booking systems speed up both the reservation process, and the entry-to-table time. Your teams can also use digital table booking to find optimal seating arrangements in-line with social distancing that makes best use of your space to accommodate different group sizes.

Table Top Tablets

Instead of having a small team cater for 5 tables each and compromise quality of service delivery, customers are able to use the table to browse menus, build custom orders, and pay independently—guaranteed accuracy, fewer errors, and a front-of-house team freed up to perform other essential tasks.

Scheduling Software

Managers hate overscheduling. It’s expensive. By digitising shift schedules, pub and restaurant managers can avoid conflict, loss of motivation and overspend on too many people on shift during quiet shifts. In seconds, it’s possible to create weekly or monthly schedules around booking forecasts to always have the right level of manpower, and lower labour costs.

Let Tech Slash Important Admin Tasks in Half, so Your Teams Can Work Smart and Deliver.

Find out how much technology can save you in time and money.

Pubs and restaurants able to slash the time and chore of menial (but important) tasks like invoice validation, waste management and stocktake to tech will be the ones creating new customer loyalty. Book a demo and download, it’s possible to put often time-consuming tasks in the palm of your teams’ hands to perform essential business tasks on-the-go, amid all the buzz and celebration. That way, your critical figures don’t get neglected or forgotten, and you build up business insight that’ll let you protect and grow margins.

Make Effective Stocktake Second Nature

Growyze stocktake doesn’t run on excel spreadsheets, pen and paper or clunky, bolt-on hardware. Better still, it takes seconds so your team can get back into the action. Just download the app to a smartphone and give it to your team - it’s a point and snap job; all they need do is take a photo of the stock item, enter the quantity in stock, and Bob’s your uncle. On with the show.

Don’t Let the Chore of Waste Management Waste Time and Opportunity.

With Growyze waste management, your team will capture and record waste metrics on-the-go, mid-service, instead of brushing the issue under the carpet. In doing so, they’ll keep their stride in a busy service, while keeping track of important waste metrics that keep you profitable.

Book a demo and try growyze completely free for 30 days, no credit card required, to find out how it can help smaller teams run agile and work smarter, not harder in 2021.

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