How to Run Your Pub, Bar or Cafe From Your Phone (and Get Your Life Back)

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How to Run Your Pub, Bar or Cafe From Your Phone (and Get Your Life Back)

Running a pub, bar or cafe is no joke.

You’ve got to love the intensity. And you’ve got to be ok with not having a life. We’re kidding; IT’S NOT OK NOT TO HAVE A LIFE. You work to live, not live to work. Burnout is a real thing, and it’ll creep up on you. Learn to run your pub, bar or cafe from your phone, and you can get your life back. Here’s how.

Don’t Let Your Order Process Get Chaotic

How does your order process usually go?

a) We do it during lunch, while we scoff what’s left from the breakfast service.
b) We call suppliers when we have time. Sometimes they don’t answer.
c) We speak with suppliers, errors happen. We argue, and it gets sorted.
d) All of the above.

Any of these sound familiar? If ‘yes’, you probably need to get away from phone calls and paperwork.

Try our app, and find out how smooth ordering can be with a few simple taps of your smartphone screen. You’ll know your order value instantly, before you place it. No errors and disputes, better supplier relationships, more of your time back. Simple.

Don’t Let Waste Management Waste Time

Be honest. If you do good waste management, how long does it take?
If you don't do it enough (or at all) how much margin are you losing?

a) We do it accurately, but it does take ages.
b) I’m not sure how well we do it, to be honest.
c) I don’t do it personally, but I think it gets done?

UK hospitality loses £billions to undetected waste losses. If you do it well, it’s probably because you spend a lot of time with pen and paper to get it right.

Capturing waste metrics on-the-go from your phone means it gets done, on the spot, and in a fraction of the time. Book a demo and try the growyze app and watch that margin start to creep back up.


Keep Delivery Invoicing in Order

On average, how much do you hate diving into those stacks of paper when you do invoicing at the weekend or late at night?

a) I don’t ‘hate it’. Just takes forever. A drink always helps.
b) Words cannot describe. It’s the bane of my week.
c) I don’t mind it, I just worry about errors and discrepancies.

Along with your team and your customers, diligent invoicing is the lifeblood of your business. And it doesn’t need to eat into your personal time. growyze turns stacks of paper into a simple app on your phone with 3-way validation to make sure errors and discrepancies are spotted and corrected instantly.

Digitize Business Data & Make it Work Harder

Complete the sentence: “my pub, bar or cafe is….”

a) Growing because I pour a lot of time, stress and lost sleep into it.
b) Stable, but could be growing faster if I had time to do more.
c) Up and down because our focus is always on ‘keeping up’.

Having been there ourselves, it’s a situation we know well. You need time to sit down and find growth opportunities in your data, but trying to capture business data, and run the day-to-day takes all of your time.

Spending budget on hiring more hands can work, but so can letting your business data flow into your hands instantly.

Get the growyze app on your phone. Your time-investment building business data will drop instantly. Better still, you’ll gather day-to-day business data in the palm of your hand that will let you see a big picture and spot those growth opportunities.

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