Reopen with a Safer Back of House

Re-open with a safer
back of house
streamline back of house operation
Re-opening with less resources can be easy
manage pub, bar, cafe like a pro


What type of payments are you taking?

Payment is by credit card for all monthly and annual plans. However, should you prefer to pay on invoice we can do this for you when you subscribe for annual plan.

Do you use barcode scanning in your stocktake feature?

Yes, we believe using barcode scanning is a very quick and efficient way to manage your stock. Our solution is fast and intuitive and scans your items in a matter of seconds.

Do you plan to integrate with accounting systems?

Yes. Integrations with Xero and QuickBooks is on our roadmap for 2021. At present, Growyze carries out a 4 way reconciliation between orders, delivery notes, actual stock delivered and invoices, so that all discrepancies are captured in time before invoice payment is made.

Is your product cloud based?

Yes, we have scalable, reliable and secure cloud infrastructure based on Amazon’s leading AWS services so you can access all your information from any place and at any time.

Can we export reports in excel and pdf?

Yes, our stock reports are easily exported in a csv format so you can share the data quickly with your Head office, staff and other interested parties.

What POS systems do you integrate with?

Integrations with POS systems such as Micros, Lightspeed and Square and other popular systems are planned for 2021. For now, we’ve built in a simple and easy way for you to import your POS data so that stock losses are easily identified.

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