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7 Boxes Pubs, Bars & Cafes Need to Tick to Protect Profits in 2021

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Accelerate your stocktaking

Optimise your stock levels

Digitise and accelerate your inventory management. Simply scan the item and let the app do its magic. Stocktake can be done by anyone on your team, at the same time, through their mobiles.

Dashboard run pub, bar, cafe like a pro

Reduce your negative impact on the environment

Manage your waste more efficiently, on the go. Monitor your inventory with real-time visibility on your waste.

manage pub, bar, cafe like a pro

Manage your suppliers from one place

Digitally organise purchases and manage suppliers from one handy, simple-to-use dashboard. Notify suppliers of discrepancies on the spot, sparing you from lengthy back-and-forth phone calls.

manage pub, bar, cafe like a pro

Modernise your BOH operations

Reduce your manual input

Enter every order and invoice into one database for actionable insights. Ditch the pen and paper and automate routine tasks.

manage pub, bar, cafe like a pro

Know where your losses come from

Process deliveries and validate invoices with the press of a button. Detect and eliminate discrepancies in seconds, ensuring you only pay for what’s been delivered.

manage pub, bar, cafe like a pro

Manage your recipes with ease

Our recipe management tool can be used to make sure every item on your menu is profitable. Modernise spend management and future-proof your business for long-term success.

manage pub, bar, cafe like a pro

What our customers are saying

Cafe Owner

"Tech is the future. It is the way forward in pubs and restaurants..​It's really good idea. If it's condensed into one app that basically your business is on. And if it saves you a few quid here and there, then definitely"

Pub Manager

"Really exciting...That's kind of what we need - all in one place.....​I like the layout. It looks good. And I think it could be just what the market is missing. So, I think you've got a good thing"

Bar Manager

"I really like the idea of everything being in one place on the platform...there's an app so I can do all things on my phone, all of the paperwork. I can do a lot of things in the same place."

manage pub, bar, cafe like a pro from your mobile