Whether you’re doing a stocktake every week, or month, Growyze helps you save more than 60% of the time you’d normally take to do it using pen, paper, excel sheets....

NOTE: to make the barcode scanning work you need to have added all barcodes to your Items in Products -> Items.

1. Go to Stock -> Stocktake -> History -> New stocktake

2. Click on ‘New stocktake’ on the pop up window if you want to start new

Or ‘Join/Edit’ if you want to join or edit a Stocktake in progress.
'Stocktake in progress' is one that has already been started and not finalised (by your or someone else in your team).

3. When you click on ‘New stocktake’ you’ll have the opportunity to:

A/ Add a name to the stock count

Simply click on the pencil to the right of ‘Stocktake xxxxxxx’ top left on the screen

B/ Edit the name of the area

Simply click on the pencil to the right of ‘Main bar’ 

C/ Add product (using barcode scanning or manually searching for the items)

D/ Use stocksheets (if you’ve set up stocksheets you can use one of these to count)

3/C. Clicking ‘Add product’ activates the barcode scanned

If the item doesn’t have a barcode, click on ‘Add manually’

When an item is found, add the quantity you’ve counted in full or partial.
For example, If you want to add a half of bottle, you need to input 50% in 'Additional Quantities' and click on the green button ‘Add’

When you’re happy you’ve added the correct quantity click ‘Save & Next’ to move onto the next item

Continue till you’ve counted all your items.

3/D. Using stocksheets

When you cling on ‘Use stocksheets’ you’re given a list of stocksheets you have set up to choose from.

Select the stocksheet you want to use for this particular stock count. 

Here you’re able to edit the names of the stocktake and the area you’re counting by clicking on the pencil icons.

Click on the pencil icon to enter the quantity of the item you counted.

If there’s an item that you want to count that it is not on your stock sheet, click on the green button ‘Add product’.

Here you’re given the option to add new products by scanning the items or adding manually.

4. Completing the stock take

When you have finished counting and ready to submit the count, click on ‘Complete’ for each area

When all areas are ‘completed’ you’ll see a ‘Finalise’ button which you need to click on to finalise the stock count.

You’ll be prompted to confirm the date of the stock take

Once you've ‘Finalised’ the stocktake, you’ll see all areas ‘merged’ into one main count giving you the total value.

5. Editing the stock take 

You can edit the quantities of the stock count only through the new ‘merged’ report.

The individual areas that have already been completed are ‘locked’ and you can no longer edit these.

To edit the numbers, click on the ‘FInalised report’ as highlighted above.

You’ll see the list of all your items you’ve counted. To edit, click on the pencil right by the product name.

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